The ManageArt consultants have a high level of knowledge and above all industrial experience. They have a deep knowledge of the problems that affect the industry

Mr. Conrado López GómezTechnical Director of the API plant of Laboratorios Servier, Toledo

The result responded to expectations because the delivery was made within the indicated period, exceeding expectations in terms of the breadth of the proposal and level of clarity in its implementation

Mr. Francesc BasacomaGenerics Operations Director at Esteve

The knowledge and experience of the team of ManageArt is huge in the Pharma Industry. In all projects we have done with their collaboration we have got the expected results. The relation between benefits and costs is very good

Mr. Enric JoSite Plant Director at Reig Jofré plant in Barcelona

The Pharma Forum that ManageArt organizes provide the unique opportunity to share directly experiences and opinions with colleagues of other companies 

Mr. Eduardo CarreteroIndustrial Director at Laboratorios Rubió

Participation in the Benchmarking has allowed us to use internally indicators most relevant to our business, set goals more coherent, and  it also helped us to prioritize areas of improvement.

Mr. Francisco José Aranda CamposQuality Compliance & Regulatory Affairs Corporate Director at CINFA

Now we know where we are and which are our strengths and our weaknesses relative to the markets. Our yearly plans and objectives take into account these facts.

Mr. Xavier CostasDirector of Industrial Operations at Reig Jofré

It’s a reference point when establishing and reviewing  lines for improving competitiveness in the short and long term. It is a tool used to find opportunities to grow towards excellence and establish networking among professionals.

Mr. Joan NavalesPlant Operational Director at Esteve

I would particularly emphasize the fact that the people  in charge of the benchmark exercise have made visits to the areas of the factory so that they can understand and verify the data.  It has been found that they know the business and the process has built up confidence when comparing the participants’ data.

Mr. Ismael de los MozosSite Plant Manager at GSK Aranda del Duero, Spain

Benchmark tools are an essential way of knowing your position in the global competitive environment. It’s a way of understanding what the competition is doing, how the industry evolves, and what are your strengths and improvement opportunities. In addition, it provides a tool to track your progress under comparable criteria.

Mr. Nuno P. C. Martins MendonçaIndustrial Director at Farmalabor - Medinfar Group